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Family Banking

Earn points for Current Account transactions, and redeem them for 500+ options

Current Account

EDGE REWARDS program allows customer using Axis Bank Current Account to earn points on select transactions on a monthly basis. You can redeem your EDGE REWARD points for: 500+ products from our rewards catalogue and in-store shopping

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New Account Opened & Funded

  • Earn 1000 points one time for each Channel one & Club 50 Current Account
  • Earn 750 points one time for each Business Select, Business Classic, Business Privilege & Current Account – Pharmaceutical, Priority Business Account
  • Earn 500 points one time for each Business Global, Business Advantage & Normal Current Account
  • Earn 250 points one time for each Current Account-Pharmacist, Druggist, Chemical & Local Current Account

Account Reactivation

  • Earn 250 points for one time for reactivation of dormant account

Activate Corporate Mobile Banking App

  • Earn 150 points one time on download of corporate mobile banking app and setting up your mPin

Register for Corporate iConnect

  • Earn 250 points one time on registration of corporate iConnect

Register for e-Statement

  • Earn 150 points one time when you first register for e-statement

Register for e-Forex

  • Earn 100 points one time when you first register for e-Forex facility

On Corporate Foreign Exchange Transactions with Axis Bank

  • Earn 1 point for every USD 1000 or equivalent amount on corporate foreign exchange transactions done with Axis bank