E statements

Keep track of your accounts and transactions to manage money more effectively

E statement For Business Banking

E-statement for business banking allows business owners to track and monitor their daily transactions. An account statement can be scheduled monthly, weekly or daily and will be sent as E-statements. Registering is simple and can be done online or offline.

Understand the benefits of e-statement registration

Axis Bank offers current account customers free Monthly and Daily E-statement facility to track the daily business transactions on the move.


  • E-statements are free and environment friendly
  • Enjoy easy access to your account statements at the click of the button anytime and anywhere
  • Prompt Delivery
  • No hassle of physical record maintenance

Explore ways to register for e-statements

Terms and conditions

  • The e-statement provided is an optional facility provided to the account holders and not a compulsion by the Bank for availing such a facility.
  • On signing up for e-Statement, you are eligible to receive consolidated account statement under your customer ID. If you are having more than one savings, fixed deposit, recurring deposit account, current account (individual) either singly or jointly, you being the 1st holder shall be receiving consolidated statement of all your such a/cs.
  • On agreeing to subscribe through the e-statement, Account Holder(s) agree to be bound by all the Terms and Conditions that may be specified by the Bank at the time availing such facility and such other conditions as specified by the Bank from time to time.
  • Free monthly e-statement and other regular notices/advices/updates/information will be sent to the registered email id.
  • On agreeing to avail the facility of e-statement, Account Holder(s) agree, and understand that the Bank shall discontinue the physical statements/notices/advices/updates/information being sent to the Account Holder(s).
  • Axis Bank shall not be liable or responsible for any breach of secrecy caused as a result of the e-Statements being sent to the registered email with the Bank.
  • Axis Bank is not liable to verify the any authenticity of the emails.
  • The facility being an optional one the Account Holder (s) shall not hold the Bank liable if any problem arises with the Account holder(s) computer network as result of receiving Statements from the Bank.
  • In case of Joint Account Holders the Joint Account Holders shall not hold liable the Bank for receiving the e-statement to the designated email address of one of the Account Holder.
  • The Account Holder(s) shall at all times be responsible for updating the details with the Bank from time to time to receive this service uninterrupted of the Bank.
  • Account Holder shall not hold Axis Bank responsible if they do not receive Statements due to incorrect e-mail address and technical reasons beyond the control of the Bank.
  • The Account Holder confirms to have read and understood the Terms and Conditions pertaining to usage of this Channel Facility.
  • The Bank shall at its own discretion at any time may discontinue/alter/modify the facility at the terms and conditions as specified therein at the sole discretion of the Bank.
  • In case you face any other difficulty while registering for e-Statement through Website, please contact your nearest Axis Bank branch and give a request for e-Statement Registration.
  • For deactivating the e-statement, the Account holder can visit the branch and request for switch back to paper based statement of account.
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