Axis bank offers OIS + MIOIS swap for clients who satisfy the criteria according to the policies of Axis bank and RBI


Features &

Features & Benefits

  • imgThe client will be able to hedge his interest rate risk by moving interest rates from fix to floating or vice versa based on MIBOR or OIS fixing.
  • imgThe OIS market is a mature and liquid market that enables the participants to not only hedge but also optimize and service debt better by efficient interest rate management

How it works?

There are three steps according to RBI guidelines:

A product disclosure statement is sent to the client which gives him information about the product.
The client is contacted by the Axis Bank sales team who confirm the deal parameters on voicing according to which TS is finalised. 
Finally the prepared TS is sent to client along with risk disclosure statement to be confirmed on email.

Fee &

Fee & Charges

  • We charge only margin from the client
  • Our Fees are transparent and competitive, However since these are structured products, the fees are dependent on the complexity and risk involved.

Eligibility &

Eligibility & Documentation

Based on ISDA, RBI guidelines, FEDAI guidelines, Axis Bank and other RBI policies

contact person

Contact Us

person iconFor feedback and enquiries, please write to us on axistreasury@axisbank.com, E.Fx@axisbank.com