Axis Bank’s Syndication team is one of India’s most experienced and largest teams offering a wide spectrum of structuring solutions across multiple currencies to tailor-fit clients’ needs.

Product Suite:

• Acquisition Finance

• Capital Expenditure Finance

• Project Finance

• Refinance

• Structured Finance 



Features &

Features & Benefits

  • imgWide investor base – Relationship with over 150 banks/ institutional investors globally.
  • imgMarket intelligence – Exceptional market intelligence by leveraging the investor base with in-depth knowledge of liquidity pockets
  • imgTailored-to-fit – Availability of a bouquet of products designed to suit your financial needs across multiple currencies and ticket size.

Fee &

Fee & Charges

We have a demonstrated a track record of offering one of the most competitive pricing prevalent in the industry. For further details, please feel free to write to us at glen.sequeira@axisbank.com.


Eligibility &

Eligibility & Documentation

All corporate borrowers eligible to raise rupee/ foreign currency/ ECB loans.



Past Transactions

Over the years, the team has been a focal point for wholesale borrowers seeking a debt solution. The Syndication team has successfully book run deals for borrowers ranging from large conglomerates to emerging corporates, foreign entities to Govt. owned corporates, NBFCs to SMEs among many others. Based upon the targeted requirement of the borrower, the underwriting size has varied from Rs. 100 Cr to Rs. 6,000 Cr and USD 10 mn to USD 750 mn.

contact person

Contact Us

person iconFor further enquiries, please reach out to us at  glen.sequeira@axisbank.com


Any solution so offered is subject to the Bank's internal approvals and should not be construed as a commitment by the Bank.