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Naya Axis Bank Sampann Savings Account

Sampann Savings Account

Sampann Savings Account comes with the best of rewards and personalized services designed exclusively for you. The account offers you a debit card with innumerable features including cashbacks across Fuel, Shopping and Travel spends.

We know and understand your growing financial needs and therefore we aim to help you reach your goals faster. To help you on this journey, we provide you with a Dedicated Relationship Manager who will always be by your side 24*7 to assist you with any service requests or queries. With this account, you can enjoy a range of benefits that include: Preferential Rates on Loans, Discounts on Agri Tech Services, Comprehensive Health Cover, lifetime free credit card and much more.

To get a Sampann Account, visit any Axis Bank branch near you.

What is Sampann Savings Account?

Sampann Savings Account is an offering that takes care of all your banking needs and comes along with a Sampann Debit Card.

This enables you to save your money securely and utilize it for performing transactions and gain exclusive offers and cashbacks.

You can enjoy several benefits such as discounts on restaurants, cashbacks on spends on Fuel, Shopping and Travel, and so much more.

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How does a Sampann Savings Account work?

You can open a Sampann Savings Account as a resident of India, a Hindu Undivided Family or on a joint basis. You can visit nearest Axis Bank branch to open Sampann Savings Account.

Once you open your Axis Bank Sampann Savings Account, you can update the account with the minimum opening balance or any higher amount as required. In addition, the Axis Bank Sampann Savings Account comes with a Sampann debit card for making ATM withdrawals and other transactions, which will earn cashback and discounts.

There are some fees and charges associated with the various services and facilities offered by the Sampann Savings Account, and it is essential to maintain an Average Monthly Balance of ₹75000 for your savings account (across all locations).

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Advantages of a Sampann Savings Account

These are the primary benefits you can enjoy when you open a Sampann Savings Account.

  • 24X7 banking assistance
  • Sampann Debit Card
  • Discounts on agri-tech services
  • Complimentary healthcare cover

You can also enjoy a range of complimentary banking services that include but not limited to

  • Unlimited DD/POs
  • Higher monthly ATM transaction limits
  • No issuance fee for the Sampann debit card
  • Higher withdrawal limit on ATM and POS for the debit card
  • Free online RTGS/NEFT
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How to maximise earnings from a Sampann Savings Account?

With an Axis Bank Sampann Savings Account, you can maximise your earnings through a host of benefits, rewards and cashback, a few of which are:

  • Quarterly exclusive cashback
  • No charges for unlimited cheque books
  • 2x Axis EDGE reward points with Sampann Debit Card
  • Free online National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)/ Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) transactions
  • Up to 30 free monthly Axis Bank and non-Axis Bank ATM transactions (financial or non-financial)
  • Attractive interest rates are between 3 and 3.5% on the monthly account balance
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Sampann Savings Account Interest Rates

The interest rate on the Sampann Savings Account is calculated daily and will be credited to the savings account on the first day of every upcoming quarter. The current rate of interest, effective June 01, 2022, is between 3 and 3.5%, subject to the balance maintained in the account.

The interest earned up to ₹10000 on the Sampann Savings Account during the financial year is exempt from taxes.

Do's and Don'ts for Sampann Savings Account

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while opening and managing your Sampann Savings Account:

Upgrade your password

Always change your internet banking password periodically to keep your account safe from being hacked. Keeping the same password for months can put you and your Sampann Savings Account at risk.

Update your contact details

Keep the bank informed of your latest contact details such as email id, telephone number, postal address, etc, so that details of your transactions and your account statements can be sent to you on time. This also ensures that you can track any unauthorised transactions and inform the bank immediately.

Use online banking wisely

Avoid using shared devices to open your Sampann Savings Account or access it. This leads to the risk of your password being saved unknowingly. If you must use a shared system, do not save the password and log out without fail.

Install unknown apps

Do not click on suspicious links sent to you via email or SMS, as these may contain malware or viruses that can compromise your account security. Also, do not opt for offers and promotions that are not officially communicated to you.

Entertain unknown callers

Avoid taking calls from false bank representatives asking for your bank details, debit card number, account balance and so on. If you have any queries related to your Sampann Savings Account, contact Axis Bank customer care.

Share your details

Be it a family member or close acquaintance, it is never wise to share your debit card PIN, CVV or your internet banking password with anyone, even in case of an emergency. Keep these details to yourself at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to open a Sampann Savings Account, you need to be –

  • A resident of India
  • A Hindu Undivided Family

Or you can also open a joint Sampann Savings Account with two applicants. The documents needed for both the applicants for a joint account are:

  • Proof of address
  • Proof of identity
  • If proof of the relation between both applicants is provided, then the address proof of only the primary account holder will suffice

The documents for an individual Sampann Savings Account:

  • A latest passport size photograph
  • Proof of identity and proof of address
  • Separate proof of address if the mailing and permanent addresses are different

Documents for Sampann Savings Account (HUF)

  • A declaration from the Karta
  • A copy of the PAN card or Form 60 of the HUF
  • The Karta’s proof of identity and address
  • A joint letter from all the HUF adult account holders

A Sampann Savings Account offers a variety of benefits such as:

  • Annual card benefits
  • Complimentary services
  • Daily banking services
  • Reward points with a Sampann Debit Card

To check your Sampann Savings Account balance without using the internet, you can simply give a missed call on 1800 419 5959 to know your account balance.

A Sampann Savings Account can be opened by anyone who is looking for a safe option to park their funds to, an option for easy bill payments and smooth online transactions, and would like to benefit from the many advantages offered by a Sampann Savings Account.

To be able to open a Sampann Savings Account, you have to meet the eligibility criteria and can open the account either as a resident of India or a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF). You can also choose to open a Sampann Savings Account on a joint basis.

In Axis Sampann Savings Account, the interest is compounded quarterly instead of monthly. The interest on a Sampann Savings account is calculated each day and is paid out quarterly on the first day of each quarter. Only for the fourth quarter the interest pay-out will be made on the last day of the quarter.

The interest on your Sampann Savings account is calculated each day and is paid out quarterly on the first day of each quarter. Only for the fourth quarter the interest pay-out will be made on the last day of the quarter.

An Average Monthly Balance (AMB) is the end of the day balance for the entire month divided by the number of days. However, the interest pay-out in Sampann Savings account is made on quarterly basis.

An Average Monthly Balance (AMB) of ₹ 75,000 needs to be maintained in your Sampann Savings Account across semi-urban and rural locations.

Having a Sampann Savings Account can help you make your bill payments easily and enable you to make unlimited cash withdrawals at any Axis Bank or non-Axis Bank ATM with a Sampann Account Debit Card.

You can also avail attractive Sampann Savings Account interest rates, complimentary banking services such as no AMC (annual maintenance charges) on the Demat account for the 1st year, a complimentary lifetime free MyZone credit card – which comes with its own set of offers, annual benefits worth Rs. 25,000 and a personal accident death cover and much more!

You can deposit money into your Sampann Savings Account at the time of opening your account. Visit any Axis Bank branch and fill out a deposit slip to submit the funds. Or you can also visit an ATM to deposit cash into your savings account.

The interest rate on your Sampann Savings Account will be calculated daily and will be credited to the account on the first day of the upcoming quarter. The only exception is the fourth quarter, where the interest amount will be paid on the last day of the quarter. As of now, Sampann Savings Account interest rates are between 3 and 3.5%, depending on the account balance in the savings account.

You will receive your Sampann Savings Account statement every month on your registered email ID (the email ID used to open the account). To get the bank statements from the last 6 months, give a missed call on 1800-419-6969 (English) or 1800-419-6868 (Hindi) from the mobile number registered with your Axis Bank account.

Here is the simple verification process to open a Sampann Savings Account:

  • Mention your PAN card and Aadhaar card details on the form
  • Next, fill in your personal details and your phone number on the form
  • Update your Sampann Savings Account with the minimum funds required
  • Our authorised KYC - Know Your Customer agent will complete the verification

You can make unlimited free withdrawals from your Sampann Savings Account with your Axis Bank debit card at any Axis Bank or non-Axis Bank ATM. Or you can also carry out digital transactions and make payments through internet banking once you log in to your online Axis Bank account.

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