FASTag - Fees & Charges

  • Charges Applicable on FASTag generally include issuance fees, a one-time Security Deposit which is refundable on closure of the wallet and the corresponding charges on reloading your FASTag wallet. In case the tag is damaged/lost a re-issuance charge is applicable on your second tag. Additionally there is a minimum threshold which must be maintained as per the vehicle class.

    This is to avoid problems occurring when a tag is used at a toll plaza and has no funds in it.

    FASTag Registration:

    Upon receipt of your FASTag, please login to FASTag customer portal using either wallet ID or VRN or Registered Mobile number. This self-service portal enables you to recharge, check balance, view transactions and manage disputes, if any. Note: You may have multiple FASTags for each vehicle linked to one wallet.

    Please click here to login into your FASTag online.

    Charges applicable on Axis FASTag (Online Retail Customers):


    Amount (INR)

    Tag Issuance fee (one time)


    Reissuance Fees

    100/- (inclusive of taxes)

    Security Deposit


    200/- (inclusive of taxes)* (For class 4 vehicles such as car, jeep and van)

    Vehicle ClassVehicle Class DescriptionThreshold amount
    4Car / Jeep / Van1
    4Tata Ace and Similar mini Light Commercial Vehicle160
    5Light commercial vehicle 2-axle/ Mini Bus250
    6Bus 3-axle500
    6Truck 3-axle500
    7Bus 2-axle / Mini-Bus350
    7Truck 2-axle350
    12Tractor / Tractor with trailer550
    12Truck 4-axle550
    12Truck 5-axle550
    12Truck 6-axle550
    15Truck 7-axle and above650
    16Earth Moving / Heavy Construction Machine550

    Please note:
    Toll amount will be deducted as per the applicable amount, depending on the vehicle class and the plaza used. Charges mentioned above are subject to change.

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