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Debit Cards

Secure+ Debit Card

Quit worrying about misuse/fraud with this debit card
that lets you transact securely and freely

High Transaction Limits

Rs. 50,000 - daily withdrawal limit
Rs. 75,000 - daily purchase limit

Contactless Debit Card

EMV Chip Debit card offering you the highest level of security backed with the convenience of contactless payments (Applicable only on Contactless variant)

Emergency Travel Assistance

CPP will facilitate an emergency advance upto Rs. 80,000 if a card is lost/stolen abroad

One Call Service

Single call card loss reporting service

Features and Benefits

  • Starting August 2016, Contactless version of Secure+ Debit card is also available. If you already hold an Axis Bank Debit card, you can apply for a Secure+ Contactless Debit card through internet banking & mobile banking.
  • For detailed FAQ's, Click here.
  • List of Contactless Merchant Terminals
Generate your Debit Card PIN anytime at your nearest Axis Bank ATM or by calling Axis Bank Phone Banking.
For more information, click here
Enhanced daily cash withdrawal limit of Rs. 50,000 and purchase limit of Rs. 75,000 on your Secure+ Debit Card, subject to the balances held in your account
'Single Call' card loss reporting service available to block all cards in case a card is lost or stolen. CPP's 24-hour helpline numbers are 1800-419-4000 (toll-free) or 6000-4000 (prefix STD code).
CPP will facilitate an emergency advance to pay hotel bills and travel tickets upto Rs. 80,000 for your return home in case you lose cards/cash while travelling abroad (or upto Rs 40,000 while travelling in India)
CPP will facilitate an emergency cash advance upto Rs. 5,000 for your return home in case you lose cards/cash while travelling in India
Upto Rs. 75,000 cover on cards for fraud due to loss, theft, skimming, counterfeiting, online usage, phishing, and PIN based transactions beginning 15 days prior to the loss off the card

eDGE Loyalty Rewards points for transactions and 500+ rewards and offers to redeem points. Earn points for these transactions:

  • 1 point for every Rs. 200 spent (on non-fuel purchases) on the card at merchant outlets (domestic and international transactions)

For options to redeem points, check the eDGE Loyalty Rewards Catalogue

Please Note: Effective November 1, 2017, eDGE Reward Points will not be earned on certain merchant categories i.e. Charities, Mutual Funds, Telecom, Education, Utilities, Government/Insurance, Public Sector Life Insurance, Purchase of foreign currency, Post Office, Fuel and Transportation. 

  • Personal Accident Insurance Cover of Rs. 5 lakhs

*To avail the insurance covers, your debit card needs to be used for purchases 180 days prior to the date of the mishap.

Important Notice:
To enroll for the value added benefits such as CPP, eDGE loyalty rewards and cover against transaction fraud on your debit card, please activate your card within 30 days of issuance or else the Bank may at its sole discretion discontinue these features.

*These benefits are provided by CPP Assistance Services Pvt. Ltd. under the complimentary CPP Membership Plan with your Secure+ Debit Card. To get benefits of CPP Membership Plan, please ensure that your Mobile number and address details are registered with the Bank. In case of absence of any of these details, you will not be able to utilize the services extended by CPP Assistance Services Pvt. Ltd.For detailed terms and conditions related to CPP Membership plan, please click here. CPP's 24-hour helpline numbers are 1800-419-4000 (toll-free) or 6000-4000 (prefix STD code).



International Fraud Awareness Week 12-18 Nov'17

Password not shared is password well protected



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