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Export LC Backed Bill Negotiation

Beneficiary of an Export/domestic LC can request negotiation of a complying presentation of LC backed bill and gets paid before the due date of the LC bill.

1. Short-Term Finance without the requirement for regular credit limits with the Bank.

2. LCs issued by other banks / countries can also be considered for negotiation subject to availability of bank line limits.

3. Lower cost of financing are also available for non-customers provided LC is restricted to Axis Bank

i) Sellers receives LC from the buyers bank.

ii) Post shipment, the seller will present the documents as per LC terms.

iii) The seller can request Axis Bank as a Negotiating bank, to negotiate and pre pay the bill amount.

iv) Subject to internal approvals and sanction/ bank line availability, the bank would negotiate the documents.

Interest and Charges are applicable and are determined on cases to case basis.

Product offering is subject to certain eligibility criteria as per Bank's internal policy and is subject to Bank's discretion.