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Gold Card Scheme

Export credit at competitive terms and conditions for small and medium sector exporters

To offer export credit lines to eligible exporter with good track record at competitive terms and conditions with better and efficient services.

1. Service charges will be 25% lower than the charges recovered from other exporters.

2. A standby limit not less than 20% of the assessed limit available for meeting urgent credit needs for executing sudden orders.

3. Packing Credit in Foreign Currency (PCFC) for Gold Card holders will be given priority.

1. A standby limit not less than 20% of the assessed limit will be made available.

2. In case of unanticipated export orders, norms for inventory, such as holding level, margin etc., will be relaxed on case-by-case basis taking into account the size and nature of export order.

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Eligibility: All exporters, including those under small and medium sectors, would be covered under the scheme.

Exporter should not have overdue export bills in excess of 10% of the previous year's turnover.

Product offering is subject to certain eligibility criteria as per Bank's internal policy and is subject to Bank's discretion.