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Solution For Importers

We provide our importer customers a wide range of solutions to cater to their requirements such as import payments (Advance Payments, Bills on Collection and Direct Import  Bills), Import Letters of Credit, Suppliers Credit, Buyers Credit and RA financing (offered through our offshore branches, will require credit limits). We offer these products and services coupled with wide branch network and cutting edge technology along with expertise on regulatory guidelines.

  • Import Letter of Credit

    Guaranteed Payment in a specified currency to the Exporter.

  • Import Bill Collections

    Payment mode for International Trade through financial/commercial documents.

  • Advance Import Payment

    Advance payment to seller before shipment of goods.

  • Buyers credit

    Short-term Working capital Trade Credit loan.

  • Suppliers credit

    Facility of arranging funds for Importers using LC.

  • RA Financing

    Trade Credit structure by the reimbursing bank on the basis of LC.