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Inland Bill Discounting

Through Bill Discounting, enable your business to get immediate release of funds against trade receivables, even though the credit period for the bills or the due date for the payment of the bills or the invoices is later.

1. Address your gaps in cash flow cycle. Immediate availability of funds to the extent of your sanctioned credit limits.

2. Unlock the value of trade receivables.

3. Quick processing and hassle-free documentation.

1. Seller and Buyer enter into a contract for sale of goods or services.

2. Seller raises the invoice upon the buyer for the goods sold.

3. Buyer accepts the invoice raised, which entails the acceptance of payment of the dues mentioned in the invoice.

4. Seller will then approach Axis Bank for Bill Discounting.

5. The Bank upon assuring the authenticity of the transaction and the creditworthiness of the buyer will release the funds to the seller after deducting the agreed margin, fees and discount.

6. At the time of maturity of the bill, the Bank will duly present the bill and collect the dues from the buyer.

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Product offering is subject to certain eligibility criteria as per Bank's internal policy and is subject to Bank's discretion.