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Export Pre-Shipment Finance

Solution meeting your pre-shipment finance requirements

Avail of our pre-shipment finance in the form of Export Packing Credit (EPC) which enables you to finance purchase or import of raw materials, processing and packing of goods meant for exports.

1. Financing options in INR and a basket of other international currencies.

2. Packing Credit available in running as well as order based as per eligibility.

3. Interest equalization scheme for Export credit in INR for eligible sectors as per regulatory guidelines.

4. Quick & Convenient Online application, wide branch network.

1. Pre-shipment credit is short-term working capital finance extended to bonafide exporters for purchase of raw materials, manufacturing and packing of goods, upto shipment of goods against a firm export order.

2. This finance facility is available in INR & FCY for a maximum of 360 days depending upon the manufacturing cycle.

3. The credit maybe offered as a running account facility, and the credit is available upto the stage of shipment of goods/ services.

4. Once the goods/services are shipped, the exporter forwards the documents to Axis Bank who in turn converts the pre-shipment liability to post shipment liability and further forwards the documents to the Buyer’s Bank/ Buyer directly.

5. The Buyer arranges payment of the amount due to Axis Bank on due date and the loan is liquidated.

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Product offering is subject to certain eligibility criteria as per Bank's internal policy and is subject to Bank's discretion