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Currency Swaps, LTFX and Options


Derivative Solutions at Axis Bank offer a wide Coverage of Swaps , LTFX , Options for hedging Purpose only.

Following Services are offered:

  • Overnight Index and MIOIS Swap : Swaps on Overnight Mibor, and shorter tenure OIS up to 1 Year.
  • Cross Currency Swap : Swaps on Floating Interest rates index of various currency pairs.
  • Long Tenure Forward : Foreign Exchange Swaps on Longer tenure more than 1 Years.
  • Swaps And Options on Interest Rates. Client can do Vanilla and Spread deals only.
  • Options on Foreign Exchange : Vanilla and Spreads option which provide buyer a right but not obligation to exchange currencies at pre-determined fixed rate.

Features and Benefits

1. Competitive Pricing

2. Faster Turnaround

3. Odd Lots Flexibility

4. Structuring Support

5. Advisory Services

6. Coverage in Long Tenors

7. Product Support