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Avail the easiest way for accepting credit, debit and prepaid cards
for payment towards your products and services

Payment Acceptance Solution - Got a query

  • The Payment Acceptance Solutions FAQs provide answers to queries on terminal installation, the different types of cards that can be accepted, the best practices to follow when accepting payments, etc. The FAQs for Payment Acceptance Solutions also feature queries related to additional requirements of POS terminals and other payment options such as the QR code based payment solution and other general queries that business owners have while using the specified payment solutions.

    Merchant Terms & Condition

    • All relevant risk guidelines have been covered by the field service engineer visiting you
    • All test transactions have been done on your terminal and you have fully understood how to do them
    • Charge Slips generated after test transaction displays a MID (Merchant ID). This must match the detail printed on your Welcome Letter. Please keep this number handy for future reference

    What are the different types of cards I can accept from my customers? As a Merchant you might receive three types of cards – magstripe cards that have to be swiped, chip cards that have to be inserted and contactless cards that have to be tapped.

    As a Merchant you might receive three types of cards – magstripe cards that have to be swiped, chip cards that have to be inserted and contactless cards that have to be tapped.

    Few points you should keep in mind while accepting cards are:

    • Use acceptance solutions only for transactions related to business
    • Do not refund in cash for purchases made with Card. Your terminal supports a void facility for cancellation of credit receipts
    • Provide goods and services to Cardholder immediately or provide or provide invoice stating delivery arrangements basis which goods and services will be provided later on.
    • Do not use your own Card in any scenario for a self-credit
    • Do not surcharge. Transaction must be done for actual amount / M.R.P
    • Do not split cost of a single transaction between multiple receipts and transactions
    • Transactions amount must include all charges and taxes levied to customer

    Under any circumstances, you should not ask for PIN; Cardholder should enter PIN on his own. For contactless cards, no PIN shall be asked for transactions equalling Rs. 2,000 or below. In case PIN is verified, signature is not required. Please ensure that printed Charge Slip shows 'PIN verified OK. Signature not required.'

    In case, the Card doesn’t prompt for PIN, please take signature of the Cardholder on the charge slip. You must ensure that the signature matches the signature on the back of the Card.

    The Bank will credit your Axis Bank account or send the funds through NEFT / RTGS to your account maintained with any other bank on the next working day after settlement on the PoS

    Merchant Discount Rate is the rate charged to a Merchant by a Bank for providing Debit and Credit Card services. Your Merchant Payment Report (MPR) shall contain all applicable MDR related details for reference. Also, ensure to settle batch on a daily basis ( auto settlement is enabled for mPoS and QR code based acceptance solution) Please ensure to register your email ID with us to receive Merchant Payment Reports/alerts directly.

    Please follow the below steps:

    • Press Sale on Terminal
    • Enter Amount
    • Depending on the Card type:
      • Swipe Card in case of magstripe cards:
      • Dip / Insert in card dipping slot for Chip Cards: Keep Card dipped till transaction is completed
      • Tap for Contactless Card
    • Ask Cardholder to enter PIN if prompted
    • Charge Slip is generated
    • If PIN not prompted – Get customer signature on merchant copy of charge slip

    In case your line of business or / and business constitution has changed along with address, contact details or any kind of material change – you must communicate the same to your sales representative or nearest Axis Bank Branch immediately.

    If the nature of business and legal entity is same then a request letter would suffice as payments would get credited into existing account. If the nature of business or legal entity differs then new application and Agreement has to be signed as well as a new Current Account opened for crediting the proceed. Please contact your sales representative of nearest Axis Bank Branch for installing additional payment acceptance terminal.

    Through QR code based payment solution, merchants have the ease of accepting payments via Cardholder’s mobile with the help of a QR code rather than accepting payments via PoS terminal.


    QR code mapped to your unique Merchant ID will be displayed at your billing counter. Customer can scan the QR code, enter the billing amount and make the payment. You will get an instant payment notification via SMS. You may also download the Axis Bank mVisa - Merchant App on your smartphone. You can generate a unique QR code for each transaction. The dynamic QR code would include the payment amount as well which will be automatically displayed on the customer phone while scanning the QR. You can check your transaction history in this app.