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Safe Card Acceptance Practices

  • Axis Bank’s Merchant Payment Acceptance Solutions ensure that all your transactions are conducted smoothly and securely. In order to ensure safe card acceptance practices, all of the terminals and systems provided by Axis Bank follow robust payment industry standards along with RBI regulations to ensure absolute compliance. Axis Bank also offers personalised training to all its merchants in safe card acceptance practices. If you would like more details about Axis Bank’s safe card acceptance practices, feel free to reach out to our Merchant’s Helpdesk or your Relationship Manager.

    • Security and Compliance – All our terminals and systems follow robust payment industry standards along with RBI regulations to ensure absolute compliance.
    • Personalized Training – Merchants are provided end to end training in safe card acceptance practices. Reach out to our Merchant Helpdesk or your Relationship Manager for more details.
    • Reach out to support staff at merchant's helpdesk or to your RM for more details.
    • Refunds of card transactions should only be done through your Acquiring Bank by a credit to the Merchant (Current) account.
    • It is recommended to keep an Invoice or Proof of Delivery at hand in case of transaction disputes.
    • Do not levy additional surcharge (unless you are a fuel merchant) or you may incur a charge back case and/or the card acceptance provided to you might be withdrawn.
    • Try to resolve service related chargeback cases, before referring them to bank for dispute.
    • In case of Magstripe cards, do NOT swipe more than once.
    • Complete Batch settlement every day to avoid payment related disputes unless your transactions are pertaining to a terminal with auto settlement.
    • Do not bypass pin request on the terminal
    • Do not view/remember/copy the cardholder’s PIN number and allow them to enter the PIN securely.
    • Compare and match the signature on the card with the signature on the charge slip (In case of PIN based transactions, no signature is required from Cardholder)