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Credit cards are a convenient way to make immediate payments for any expense, in a cashless manner. Thanks to credit cards, you can fulfil your needs even if you don’t have ready cash on hand. There is no need to put off for later what you want to buy now. It could be buying the latest mobile phone, booking airline tickets for your upcoming holiday, paying for dinner at a classy restaurant with your family or friends or even buying your monthly groceries. Just swipe the card now and clear your credit card bill later! Choose from Axis Bank’s list of credit cards and apply for the one best suited for your needs. click here


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    More about Credit Cards

    A credit card is an instrument to help you make instant credit based transactions.
    Unlike debit cards which are linked to your bank accounts and debit the corresponding amount for every transaction, credit cards offer you the flexibility to make transactions on credit independent of your account balance. These amounts however are repayable at the end of a pre-specified credit period, and each credit card involves a credit limit beyond which transactions cannot be made.

    You can apply for a credit card with Axis Bank:

    • Online by checking out Axis Bank credit cards
    • By getting in touch with your relationship manager
    • Or visiting your nearest Axis Bank branch

    To be eligible for a credit card with Axis Bank:

    • You must be over 18 years of age
    • You must be a resident of India
    • In case you are the primary card holder, you must have a regular source of income.

    While these are the general conditions to avail of a credit card additional criteria may exist depending upon the type of credit card you choose. You can browse through the list of Credit Cards offered by Axis Bank here and apply for one that best suits your needs.

    Axis Bank Credit Cards are designed keeping in mind the various uses and lifestyles customers may adhere to. With exclusive benefits on transaction for food, travel, e-commerce and or a combination of these.
    Some advantages of Axis Bank credit cards include:

    • Complementary flight tickets
    • Discounts on movie tickets
    • Waiver of fuel surcharges
    • Access to airport lounges
    • Discounted deals on hotel bookings and restaurant orders

    Do’s and Don’ts for Credit Cards

    Using a Card Credit for your regular purchases, especially for big ticket items is a safe and secure way of making payments. The benefits of using a credit card include cashless transactions and reward points that can be redeemed for cashback offers and other deals. While using a credit card follow these do’s and don’ts to ensure that you don’t go overboard and end up repaying outstanding amounts with high interest rates

    1. There are a wide range of credit cards meant to suit every budget and catering to customers with varying needs. Do a thorough research and find out about the interest rates, credit limits, grace period, etc before zeroing in on a credit card.
    2. Read the terms and conditions before you select a credit card. Some credit cards may have no annual fee, while some may have an annual fee but waive it off if the spend on the card crosses a certain threshold during in a year. Some cards may waive off the annual fee in the first year, but introduce it in the subsequent years.
    3. If your bank sends communication about an increase in credit card interest rates, make a note of it and keep track of your payments.
    4. Ensure you repay the entire credit card outstanding in full every month. This will keep your credit card spends under check and build your credit score over the long term.
    5. If you are unable to repay in full, convert your transaction into an EMI and repay regularly. This will help you save on interest and penalty on delayed payment.
    6. Keep your credit utilisation ratio to 30-40% of your credit limit as it reflects positively in your credit report.
    7. Keep track of your payment date and credit period to avoid delay in payment or default.
    8. Opt for receiving credit card alerts from your bank. This will help keep track of your payments as well as detect any fraudulent transaction in time and take timely action.
    9. Block your card immediately if you misplace it or if it gets stolen to prevent misuse.
    10. If you notice any fraudulent transaction in your card statement, lodge a complaint with your bank immediately as disputed complaint.

    1. Don’t go overboard with your card spends. If you are unable to repay the outstanding amount, you may find yourself with a huge debt burden.
    2. Don’t pay only the minimum amount due on your credit card every month. By doing this and carrying forward the remaining amount for the next month, you may end up with a huge credit card outstanding.
    3. Don’t apply for too many credit cards as it will be reflect negatively in your credit history.
    4. Don’t utilise your entire credit limit every month as it will reflect negatively in your credit score and show you as credit hungry.