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Owning a home is a coveted milestone, and at Axis Bank, we make it achievable with our varied Home Loan options. Our competitive Housing Loan interest rates cater to a wide spectrum of needs, offering sanction amounts ranging from ₹3 lakh to ₹5 crore. Unlock the doors to your dream home with our Home Loan options, designed for financial ease and peace of mind.

Home Loan Interest Rates FAQs

Axis Bank's Home Loan interest rates are determined based on the borrower's creditworthiness, represented by their Bureau Score. For salaried individuals with a score of 751 and above, the rate is 8.70%, while self-employed applicants with the same score are offered a rate of 9.10%.

Yes, Axis Bank provides a range of Home Loan interest rate options to suit various customer needs, including both fixed and floating-rate loans. This flexibility allows customers to choose an interest rate type according to their financial plans and market outlook.

The floating rate of interest on a Home Loan at Axis Bank changes in response to movements in the RBI's repo rate and other economic factors. These rates are reviewed periodically and adjusted accordingly, impacting the interest rate applied to floating-rate Home Loans.

The effective rate of interest on a Home Loan accounts for the compounding effect and includes both the base rate and the markup. It's the comprehensive cost of borrowing and can be influenced by the loan amount, tenure, and the borrower's profile. For exact numbers, it's advisable to speak with an Axis Bank representative or use online tools for an accurate calculation.

If you have a floating-rate Home Loan, the interest rate may change during the loan tenure. However, if you have a fixed-rate loan, the interest rate will remain constant throughout the tenure.

Applying for a Home Loan with Axis Bank involves certain charges in addition to the interest rate. Prospective borrowers are required to pay a processing fee, which is calculated as a percentage of the principal amount. This fee is subject to a minimum of ₹10,000 plus GST. Additionally, an initial non-refundable fee of ₹5,000 plus GST is to be paid when the application is logged.

Affordable home loans keeping your best interests in mind.Compare to fit your budget.

Affordable home loans keeping
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