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M-Visa Merchant App

M-Visa Merchant App

Axis Bank Visa Debit card holders can make payments just by scanning QR codes at merchant outlets and on bills

Features and Benefits

Axis Bank mVisa – Merchant app is a QR code based payment solution for Axis Bank merchants. It offers a hassle free and secure way to receive payments from customers. It is a unique solution where the app becomes the Point of Sale (POS) without having the need of the traditional Point of sale device.

Two types of QR codes that can be generated with the app are:

  • A unique QR code for each transaction by entering the amount
  • A generic QR code which can then be scanned by customers to make the payment
  • Axis Bank mVisa has a number of benefits as below:
  • The app becomes a PoS device where merchants can accept Debit Card/ Net-banking payments. Hence there is absolutely no set-up time/cost.
  • Merchants can offer services to those customers who don't have enough cash or are not carrying their Debit card at the time of purchase
  • Payments accepted through Axis Bank mVisa – Merchant will be credited directly to the merchant's account, hence merchants do not have to visit the branch often
  • No cash handling costs for merchants accepting through Axis Bank mVisa app
  • Merchants can access transaction records and sales history real time

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