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Accept Online Payments On A 24 X 7 Basis, From Around The
World, Through Local As Well As International Cards

Internet Payment Gateway Solutions - Value Added Services

  • Axis Bank’s Internet Payment Gateway Solutions allows you to accept payments on a 24X7 basis, from anywhere in the world, via all local and international Visa, MasterCard and Maestro Cards. The Payment Gateway Solutions come with certain Value Added Services such as: Dynamic Currency Conversion on IPG - which allows transactions to be processes in the Cardholders home currency; Easypay Online which provides the merchant with a presence on the internet and helps in growing their business.

    • Dynamic Currency Conversion on IPG

      Dynamic Currency Conversion is a unique service which allows transactions to be processed in Cardholder's Home Currency.

      • DCC is a facility that enables the conversion of the purchase price of goods or service from the merchant’s currency to the billing or home currency of the cardholder at the time of transaction. (Home Currency : Currency in which card holder's card has been issued)
      • A choice of more than 27 of the world’s most widely accepted currencies
    • Easypay Online

      Merchants/Corporates having an Axis Bank account can avail the services offered under the Easypay Platform wherein the customers will select the Merchant/Corporate from a list which will be hosted on the web page. Post selection, customer will be directed to the Easypay page for initiating a transaction through various payment channels.

      Easypay Online module provides the merchant/corporates a presence on the internet and aid in growing the business by providing various payment channels (Debit, Credit, Net Banking, Cheque, DD, PO, etc.). as per their requirements.