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Axis Bank Home Loans

Axis Bank Home Loan

Affordable Housing Loans to help you
fulfil your dream of owning a home

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Smaller EMIs

Space out your payments and avail smaller EMIs paid over longer tenure

Loan Amount

Minimum - Rs. 3,00,000
Maximum - Depends on combined income

Prepayment Charges

Floating Rate Loan: Nil
Fixed Rate Loan: 2% of outstanding principal/amount prepaid

Interest Rate Applicable

Floating and Fixed

Features and Benefits

Everyone wishes to buy their own home at some point in time in their lives and a home loan makes it easy for you to realise your dreams. Who wouldn’t want to escape the uncertainty of finding new houses to rent every time their lease expires and soaring rent prices are a deterrent in any case. Everyone dreams of going back to what they call their own home, an abode which one can share with their loved ones. It is an investment of a lifetime and you wouldn’t want to compromise on getting the best home for your family.

While today’s prohibitive property prices make it difficult to buy homes outright, home loans come to the rescue. Your budget and your needs can be taken into consideration while you go about your research for the perfect home loan. To make matters easier for you, there are home loan calculators which help you understand the risk, tenure, investment, and EMI structure. This gives you are fair idea about what you are getting into. You are well-aware on how much there is at stake and can make decisions accordingly. A home loan calculator gives you a fair idea on what to expect out of your investment. But always remember that a home will always give you a lot of pride and fulfilment.

Make your housing loans affordable and easier on your pocket every month
Fixed and floating rate options available as per your preference
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“Loans are at the sole discretion of Axis Bank and are subject to fulfillment of its terms and conditions and eligibility criteria stipulated by the Government/Reserve Bank of India (RBI) or such other statutory/ Regulatory Authorities from time to time. Please note that submission of documents for Bank's perusal/scrutiny, by itself, does not constitute sanction, and final sanction would be subject to the loan proposal fully complying with the Bank's norms/eligibility criteria. Images herein are provided only for pictorial representation and Axis Bank does not undertake any liability or responsibility for the same. The bank may use the services of agents for sales, marketing and promotion of the product. RBI does not keep funds or accounts of any individual/public/trust. Don’t be a victim to any such offers coming to you on phone or email in the name of RBI".

Transfer your Home Loan to Axis Bank, without any hassles
Avail or repay the home loan from the comfort of your home or office
No prepayment charges for paying off loans before the due date (only for loans availed at floating rate of interest)
Premium banking customers can contact their Relationship Manager for details of special benefits
Repay your home loan in smaller EMIs, over a longer tenure, depending on the situation of your finances
eDGE Loyalty Rewards points for transactions and 500+ rewards and offers to redeem points.
Earn points for these transactions:

When you take a home loan

500 points if disbursal is less than or equal to 25 lakhs
1000 points if disbursal is greater than 25 lakhs but less than or equal to 75 lakhs
2000 points if disbursal is greater than 75 lakhs

When you take a top-up home loan

250 points if disbursal is less than or equal to 25 lakhs
500 points if your disbursal is greater than 25 lakhs but less than or equal to 75 lakhs
1000 points if disbursal is greater than 75 lakhs

On every anniversary year of your Home Loan

100 points on completion of the 1st year
200 points on completion of the 2nd year
300 points on completion of the 3rd year
400 points on completion of the 4th year
500 points on completion of the 5th year, 6th year, 7th year and so on until the closure of the loan

For options to redeem points, check eDGE Loyalty Rewards Catalogue




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