Get the Digital Liberty Current Account for
Sole Proprietorship firm using video KYC in 5 easy steps

The Video KYC feature brings the world of banking to your home

  • 1

    PAN and Aadhaar verification

  • 2

    Entity KYC with GST and Udyam

  • 3

    Fill Personal & business details

  • 4

    Video KYC

  • 5

    Fund your account

  • Availability of Video KYC agents 7 days a week -9:00am -9:00 pm
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video KYC

Current Account that best suits your business

Liberty Current Account for Sole Proprietor comes with
following features:

    • Contactless account opening with end to end journey completion in 20 minutes
    • Zero document upload
    • Avail 250+ banking services
    • Business Classic Debit card enriched with value-adds
    • Unlimited free cheque book and DD/PO issuance
    • Unlock the full potential of your business with complementary access to neo for business
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  • Fees & Charges - Liberty Digital Current Account

    Monthly Average Balance
    Metro & Urban Branches (in Rs) Monthly Average Balance (MAB) – 15,000
    Semi-Urban & Rural Branches (in Rs) Monthly Average Balance (MAB) – 7,500
    Charges for Non-Transaction or Charges for Non-Maintenance (in Rs) 600 if MAB>=75% & 900 if MAB<75%
    Monthly Service Charges (in Rs) 100/month
    Charges (in Rs) 3/1000
    Free Cash deposit per month (in Rs) 2,00,000
    Cash deposits restricted to Rs 10 lakh/month (no additional cash deposit permitted)
    Free Leaves Unlimited
    Charges Nil
    Free Limit Unlimited
    Charges Nil
    NEFT - from branch (in Rs) Up to 10,000 - 2.50/- per txn
    10,001 to 1 Lakh - 5/- per txn
    1 Lakh to 2 Lakhs -15/- per txn
    Above 2 Lakhs - 25/- per txn
    NEFT/RTGS - other digital channels Free
    RTGS - from branch (in Rs) 2 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs - 25/- per txn
    5 Lakhs and above - 50/- per txn
    RTGS - other digital channels Free
    IMPS fund transfer (in Rs) Upto 1,000 -2.50/-per txn
    1,000 to 1 Lakhs - 5/- per txn
    1 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs - 10/- per txn
    NEFT / RTGS / IMPS inwards transactions are free
    ATM Charges - Cash Withdrawal (Non-Axis Bank only) Rs 20
    ATM Charges - Balance Enquiry (Non-Axis Bank only) Rs 8.5
    Purchase Transaction (POS) Charges NIL
    Business Classic debit card issuance fee Rs 250/-
    Business Classic debit card annual fee Rs 250/-
    Cheque Returns (Inward) - Issued by Customer Rs 500 per instrument
    Cheque Returns (Outward) - Deposited by Customer 1st return for the month – Rs 50
    2nd return onwards for the month – Rs 100
    Cheque Returns - Deposited by Customer for Outstation Collection 50% of OSC commission; Minimum Rs 50 / Cheque + Other bank charges if any
    ECS (Debit) Returns Rs 500 per instrument
    Standing Instruction Reject Fee SI reject due to Credit Card/Loans/Auto Debit- Rs 250 per reject SI reject due to RD/MF/SIP- NIL
    BNA Convenience charges (Applicable on cash deposit in Cash Deposit Machines (CDM) post office hours on working days and entire day on Bank Holidays & State Holidays) Rs 50 per transaction
    Exceeding Rs 15,000 per month either single or multiple transaction
    Cash Handling charges on cash deposited in Low Denomination Notes (LDN) 2% on the value of cash deposited in Low Denomination Notes, Exceeding Rs 10,000 per month in either single or multiple transaction
    Demand Drafts (payable at Correspondent Bank locations under Desk Drawing arrangement) Rs 1/1,000; Min. Rs 25 per DD
    Demand Drafts purchased from other Banks Actual + Rs 0.50/1,000; Min. Rs 50 per DD
    DD drawn on Axis Bank branches - Cancellation, Reissuance or Revalidation Rs 100/- per instance
    DD drawn on Correspondent Bank branches - Cancellation, Reissuance or Revalidation Rs 100/- per instance + other bank's charges at actuals if any
    Cheques Deposited at any Axis Bank branch for outstation collection Rs 100/- per instrument
    Stop Payment Charges Per Instrument : Rs 50, Per Series: Rs 100
    Signature Verification Certificate Rs 50 per verification
    Certificate of Balance for Previous Year Rs 200
    Account Statement - Duplicate statement from branch Rs 100 per statement
    Account Closure Charges Less than 14 days: Nil

    Older than 14 days: Rs 500